Worry of the Village Head (elite)
Vital statistics
Giver Snow Village Head
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Snow Giant
Kill Ancient Snow Man *15
Location Snow Village
Rewards 17500 Experience
8750 Energy
52 Silver 50 Coin
Optional Reward (pick one)
Withy Amulet Withy Amulet +317 Fire Defense
Withy Amulet Withy Amulet +317 Water Defense
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You have done a lot these days. Some villagers said they had seen a larger snow giant appear in teh mountain. Could you go to have a look? If he is the head of the snowmen, please kill him, then our village can regain tranquility.

Snow Village Head

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the village head to wipe out the snow giant.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I suggest that you assemble some partners to go with you on this trip.

Ask DialogueEdit

Be careful! I'm sure the monster is not easy to deal with.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! I thank you on behalf of the villagers. You must accept these rewards.

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