Worry of the Village Head
Vital statistics
Giver Snow Village Head
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Ancient Snow Man *30
Level 37
Location Snow Village
Rewards 7500 Experience
3750 Energy
22 Silver 50 Coin
Next: Worry of the Village Head (elite)

I don't know what to do now. Many strange things happened all around. Even the stones can form a human-shaped monster to attack our village. Now, the villagers dare not go out alone. Could you help us to find a way to solve the problem?

Snow Village Head

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the village head to give a lesson to the strange snow man on the Riprap Hillock.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

We leave all it to you. You have to be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

How is it going on? The snow man is difficult to deal with, aren't they?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Those snow man are finally wiped out. Our village return to the tranquility temporary, but it is not a way to make lasting tranquility.

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