Worry of Machine Man
Vital statistics
Giver Strange Machine Man
Type Primary
Requirements Animal Loop Animal Loop *20
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 8600 Experience
4300 Energy
26 Silver 40 Coin
Next: Fight against Golden Camel
Set a Trap

Please don't kill me, I'm not one of the machine monsters that attack Ruo Lan. They were sent by Golden Camel who has some bad intention to Ruo Lan. Although I was sent by him too, I am an unsuccessful machine monster. It's very dangerous here and I fear to be surrounded here by the feral tigers. Could you help me to wipe out them? Maybe I can tell you more about what you want to know.

Strange Machine Man

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Machine Man to wipe out the feral tigers around it.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

These feral tigers belong to Golden Camel. I'm afraid of them.

Ask DialogueEdit

These feral tigers are not ordinary animals, they have been strictly trained by Golden Camel...


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Those hateful tigers finally come to the end they deserve.

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