Wolves in the Cave
Wolves in the Cave map
Vital statistics
Giver Blacksmith
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Timber Wild Wolf *12
Level 13
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 3380 Experience
1690 Energy
10 Silver 14 Coin

There used to be much iron at west of the Crow Forest. But recently I found that place was occupied by a group of wild wolves. I can deal with two or three of them individually. But there are too many of them. Can you go to perish them for me?


Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the aborigines' blacksmith to perish the wild wolves near the wild animals' cave.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

They are very fierce. You should be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you meet some trouble? Or you want to give up?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

It is ease for me to mine the iron without the wolves.

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