Wipe Out the Sprite
Vital statistics
Giver White Parrot
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Mountain Spirit *6
Kill Red Spirit *6
Location Darkness Valley
Rewards 900 Experience
450 Energy
2 Silver 88 Coin
Hill Finch Armguard Hill Finch Armguard
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Kekeke...Recently, some Sprites howl at night. The howl is so ugly that my feathers are all bristled. Besides, it is so noisy that I can't rest well. It must be them that made me cough. <Player name>, could you help me to give them a lesson and let them be quiet and not to disturb me?

White Parrot

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help White Parrot to clean up the Mountain Sprite and Red Sprite of back mountain.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Mountain Sprite and Red Sprite are strong immortals before their death, so they are still challenging even though they are dead. Be careful!

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

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