Wild Mule King (quest)
Wild Mule King (quest) map
Vital statistics
Giver Aborigine Officer
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Wild Mule *2
Kill Wild Mule King
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 2900 Experience
1450 Energy
9 Silver
Defensive boots by class
Redbud Boots Redbud Boots
Purple Crystal Boots Purple Crystal Boots

It is our fault. The Wild Mule King became very angry because the aborigines hunt a great amount of Wild Mules. It initiated a challenge to us. It will lead all the mules to destroy Crow Forest if we refuse his challenge. I felt pained for this. I want to request you to defeat the King for us. I promise we will reduce the hunt to them.

Aborigine Officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Accept the challenge from the Wild Mule King on behalf of Aborigines' Presbyter.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Please... I don't want our village being destroyed because of this.

Ask DialogueEdit

Why are you still here? Have you forgot what I requested you to do?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Fortunately, you are here to clam down this clash. Thank you very much.

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