Western Suburb Evil Force
Vital statistics
Giver Reputation Merchant
Type Reputation
Requirements Kill Mace Fatso *20
Kill Lecher *20
Kill Monk Ranger *20
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 5760 Experience
960 Energy
1600 Black Wind Camp Reputation

At the west of Stone City, there is a temple called Mercy Temple. It used to be a good place for the people in Stone City to pray for blessings. Since Monk Yude and Callet Head Young occupied it, mercy Temple became a dirty place. <Player name>, could you please help us reinstall the peace of Mercy Temple?

Reputation Merchant

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Mercy Temple Reputation Merchant perish the evil force here.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

To reinstall the peace life of Mercy Temple does depend on you.

Ask DialogueEdit

Take action now! Don't waste time!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

<Player name>, thank you very much. Your reputation increased! We all respect you now.

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