Western Regions Enchanter
Vital statistics
Giver Eighth Auntie
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Western Enchanter *15
Kill Western Gundog *15
Location Snow Village
Rewards 6900 Experience
3450 Energy
20 Silver 70 Coin
Next: Search for the Corpse

Kind man, it seems to be predestined that we meet in this cave. Judging from the way you walk, I presume that you are not an ordinary man. I hope you can stay to fight against the Demon of West Region with me if you are willing to. However, since everyone has his own ambition, I won't force you to do so. Could you help me to beat the underlings out of the cave first if you are willing to?

Eighth Auntie

Quest DescriptionEdit

There are always some Western Regions Enchanter and Western Regions Gundogs around the cave. They take the order of the Demon of West Region to watch the activities of Eighth Auntie. The only way to get rid of the watch of Demon of West Region is to kill them.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Please give them a lesson, I will take the time to recover my strength.

Ask DialogueEdit

Are you hurt by those underlings? Be careful!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You are so great! I have chose the right person.

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