Weaken the Snake Captor
Weaken the Snake Captor map
Vital statistics
Giver Doctor of the Camp
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Snake Captor *30
Level 12
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 4680 Experience
2340 Energy
14 Silver 4 Coin
Defensive kneepad by class
Purple Crystal Kneepad Purple Crystal Kneepad
Rosebud Kneepad Rosebud Kneepad
Previous: Heal the Wounded
Next: Elite Snake Head (quest)

The villagers' injuries turn well gradually. But they are still not strong enough to recapture their homestead. These Snake Captor are so strong that the youth in the village are not their opponents. <Player name>, please go to finish the task.

Doctor of the Camp

Quest DescriptionEdit

We must exterminate the Snake if we want to recapture our homestead. The Apothecary asked you to perish the Snake Captor.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Serene Village became the den of the Snake Monster after being attacked. The Snake Captor are in the village. You can find them after you steer clear of the Servant of Snake Head.

Ask DialogueEdit

You can have a rest if you can't go on.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Now the Snake Monster should be beaten badly. You should make persistent effort.

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