Warrior on Tiger Mountain
Warrior on Tiger Mountain map
Vital statistics
Giver Aborigine Guard
Type Reputation
Requirements Kill Little Golden Macaque *18
Kill Timber Wild Wolf *18
Level 13
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 936 Experience
156 Energy
360 Tiger Mountain Reputation

At the southwest of the Crow Forest, there are two dens where the wild wolves and little golden macaques live. Ordinary aborigines dare not to go there. Some craven aborigines even discuss that the wolf numen lives there. If you have courage, go to hunt and kill those wild animals.

Aborigine Guard

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish those wild animals to show your strength to the aborigine guards.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Many people just talk tall. Few of them can finish the task.

Ask DialogueEdit

Why are you still here? Have you forgot you will show something to me?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Good! Seems it's my fault that I thought poorly of you at the beginning.

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