Vulnerary map
Vital statistics
Giver Apothecary
Type Primary
Requirements Geminate Snake Serum Geminate Snake Serum *5
Level 6
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1170 Experience
585 Energy
3 Silver 51 Coin
Fragrant Amulet Fragrant Amulet
Next: Better Antidote

Many villagers are badly hurt after being bit by those animals. The Master from Dong Fu has come here examine their wounds, which were found to be infected by evil's venom. And the only way to cure is to use venom to counter it. So now we must collect blood serum from the little Dicephalous snakes as medicine. <Player name>, we need your help!


Quest DescriptionEdit

The apothecary in Sky Village asked you to collect the Little Dicephalous Snake Serum as medicine material to treat the villagers' injury.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

There are many kinds of snakes live in the Snake Swamp. What we need is little Dicephalous snakes' blood serum.

Ask DialogueEdit

Go out of the west entrance of the village, you can see the Snake Swamp. But you must go across the west suburb of the village.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The villagers can be cured if they have the medicine material. Thank you very much.

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