Visit the Temple
Vital statistics
Giver Zhou Chun
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Strange Pilgrim *30
Location Stone City
Rewards 5250 Experience
2625 Energy
16 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: Clean Leud Temple

Leud Temple is not very peace and tranquility. After the Playboys are punished by you, I went there again, and found many distrustful pilgrims. They said that they came to visit the temple, but they took sharp knives with them <Player name>, go to drive them away.

Zhou Chun

Quest DescriptionEdit

Stop the strange pilgrims who are waiting to attack Zhou Chun.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be careful of those strange pilgrims. They may attack you because they are afraid of disclosure. Attack them if necessary.

Ask DialogueEdit

It seems Stone City will become less peace.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

So these pilgrims come from a certain place. Maybe they have some relationship with my enemy...

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