Visit the Anchoret
Vital statistics
Giver Rich Man
Type Primary
Requirements Letter Letter
Level 20
Location Stone City
Rewards 850 Experience
425 Energy
2 Silver 55 Coin

It seems not very good. Qiu Ling was hurt because of this. We can only ask help from that powerful person. I wrote a letter, please help me to send it to Zhou Chun in Leud Temple, which is out of the south door of Stone City.

Rich Man

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Stone City Rich Man asks the you to send a letter to Zhou Chun in Leud temple.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Zhou Chun walked in the world for many years, and was very famous. He learnt from the supernatural beings recently, and got advanced. We will get succeed.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Zhou Chun:

<Player name>, is the Rich Man in Stone City asked you to send the letter? It is really a long trip. Thanks very much.

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