Visit White Parrot
Vital statistics
Giver Tiger Head Man
Type Primary
Requirements Cough Syrup Cough Syrup
Location Darkness Valley
Rewards 350 Experience
175 Energy
1 Silver 5 Coin
Previous: Lu Jin (quest)
Next: Wipe Out the Sprite

My friend White Parrot has caught a cold in the forest and coughed a lot before me. So I asked my wife to make up some cough syrup for him. I want you to send it for him...?? Oh! You are new to here and don't know who White Parrot is. Hehe... I'd like to explain it to you. He has accompanied senior Master Tamer Tao Huang for a long time, so he is very intelligent and can understand our language. He is in the Darkness Valley where lives many parrots and beasts. You can find him.

Tiger Head Man

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Tiger Headed Man to send the syrup to the white parrot which lives in teh birds' area at the left side of Darkness Valley.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Bring the thing with you and don't lose, or our efforts would be wasted!

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

White Parrot:

Hengheng... The tiger head man still cares me! Gugu...Gulu gulu... (The white parrot drank the cough syrup quickly!} I would be all right after I have had it. Thank you very much!

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