Villagers' Inflammation
Vital statistics
Giver Sad Villager
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Bandit Vice Head
Level 7
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1000 Experience
500 Energy
3 Silver
Defensive torso by class
Rosebush Dress Rosebush Dress
Blue Field Cuirass Blue Field Cuirass
Grey Cloth Frock Grey Cloth Frock
Green Elf Robe Green Elf Robe

<Player name>, the bandit vice head is too bad. He not only robbed my property but also burnt my house to kill my whole family. Now I have no home and no family. Can you kill him for me?

Sad Villager

Quest DescriptionEdit

Kill the Bandit Vice Head for the villagers. He often goes the round on south wasteland.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

How kind you are! I'll pray for you.

Ask DialogueEdit

The Bandit Vice Head is a sly person. He has flunkies when going the rounds.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The Bandit Vice Head get what he deserved. My family members are consoled now. I will also begin my new life.

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