Villagers' Food
Vital statistics
Giver Villager
Type Primary
Requirements Small Mushroom Spore Small Mushroom Spore *3
Big Mushroom Spore Big Mushroom Spore *3
Level 4
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1200 Experience
600 Energy
3 Silver 60 Coin
Defensive kneepad based on class:
Green Elf Kneepad Green Elf Kneepad
Blue Field Kneepad Blue Field Kneepad
Grey Cloth Kneepad Grey Cloth Kneepad
Rosebush Kneepad Rosebush Kneepad
Hill Finch Kneepad Hill Finch Kneepad
Previous: The Power of Wolf King

Some animals near our village become very atrocious. They surround our village so that we are short of food now. There is a kind of mushroom whose spore is very delicious,k and it will keep people full in a long time once eaten. It is at the west suburb and southwest of Sky Village. <Player name>, help us to get some mushroom spore, please.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the villagers to collect mushrooms as their food.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those mushrooms have beautiful color so they are easy to be judged. Buty they will spurt out venom when are picked. You should be very careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

How many mushrooms have you picked? The small mushrooms are at the deep place of west suburb. Don't take a wrong direction.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! Now the problem that we are lack of food is solved. Now, what we should do is to deal with those strange animals.

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