Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Beast Horn (Energy)Repeatable44Village Head
Beast Horn (Experience)Repeatable44Village Head
Beast Horn (Reputation)Reputation44Village Head
Bloodsucker Queen (quest)Scenario48Grandaunt Lei
Blue Magic Bead (quest)Primary48Madam Golden Whisk
Break ThroughReputation45Rube Rich Man
Clean Up Bewitcher CaveReputation50Rube Rich Man
Clear Wood Demon CavePrimary46Village HeadThe Wail in Wood Demon CaveLooking for Reinforcement
Collect Blaze TokenScenario45Madam Golden Whisk
Collect Green SoilPrimary45Bamboo Hat Tao
Cub Tiger (quest)Primary46Madam Golden WhiskMadam Golden Whisk (quest)
Deformity Joss (Energy)Repeatable44Lee Yingqiong
Deformity Joss (Experience)Repeatable44Lee Yingqiong
Deformity Joss (Reputation)Reputation44Lee Yingqiong
Dicephalous Fire Serpent (quest)Primary47Grandaunt LeiThe Entrust of Grandaunt Lei
Enigma of Ghost DinPrimary47Yin Sushang
Enter Tusk Ogre LairPrimary45Bamboo Hat TaoFire Fan Childe (quest)
Exterminate Horse-head Bear GuardPrimary44Village HeadKill Evil Black Horse-head Bear
Fire Fan Childe (quest)Elite45Bamboo Hat TaoEnter Tusk Ogre Lair
Four-hand Yaksha (quest)Scenario47Lee YingqiongThe Whereabouts of Chi Chengzi
Ghost Din Woods (quest)Primary47Qi Xia-er
Green Sword Art Book (quest)Scenario48Madam Golden Whisk
Horse-head Bear Captain WantedElite44Rube Rich Man
Investigate Front SquarePrimary44Lee YingqiongLooking for Lee YingqiongThe Secrets of Zhao's Palace
Investigate the Force of Tusk OgrePrimary45Bamboo Hat TaoEnter Tusk Ogre Lair
Kill Evil Black Horse-head BearPrimary44Village HeadExterminate Horse-head Bear Guard
Lascivious Token (Energy)Repeatable47Chase Geezer
Lascivious Token (Experience)Repeatable47Chase Geezer
Lascivious Token (Reputation)Reputation47Chase Geezer
Looking for Lee YingqiongPrimary44Chase Geezer
Looking for ReinforcementPrimary46Village HeadClear Wood Demon CaveSnake Sword Tao (quest)
Madam Golden Whisk (quest)Primary46Sword Master LinglingziCub Tiger (quest)
Marvelous StonePrimary45Sword Master LinglingziSecrets of Marvelous Stone
Moss Spider Spawn (quest)Primary47Madam Golden Whisk
Mystic Key (quest)Scenario45Madam Golden Whisk
Ogre Paw (Energy)Repeatable45Villager (White Bear)
Ogre Paw (Experience)Repeatable45Villager (White Bear)
Ogre Paw (Reputation)Reputation45Villager (White Bear)
Oral MessagePrimary44Villager of White Bear Village
Plum Blossom WinePrimary44Shopman
Relative's HeadPrimary46Farmer
Rescue Qiu ZhixianScenario48Qiu Zhixian
Scared White Bear VillagerPrimary44Lee YingqiongThe Secrets of Zhao's PalaceUnseal
Secret of Blue Fire Whip SkeletonScenario48Qi Xia-er
Secrets of Marvelous StonePrimary45Sword Master LinglingziMarvelous Stone
Snake Sword Tao (quest)Elite46Bamboo Hat TaoLooking for Reinforcement
Soaring Flame SpiritScenarioVillage Head
Spider Leg (quest)Primary47Chase Geezer
The Entrust of Grandaunt LeiPrimary47Grandaunt LeiDicephalous Fire Serpent (quest)
The Secrets of Zhao's PalacePrimary44Lee YingqiongInvestigate Front SquareScared White Bear Villager
The Wail in Wood Demon CavePrimary46Village HeadClear Wood Demon Cave
The Whereabouts of Chi ChengziPrimary47Yin SushangFour-hand Yaksha (quest)
Tiger Major (quest)Primary47Madam Golden WhiskWhite Tiger King (quest)
UnsealPrimary44Lee YingqiongScared White Bear Villager
Viper War Giant (quest)Scenario47Sword Master Linglingzi
White Tiger King (quest)Elite47Madam Golden WhiskTiger Major (quest)
Wood Demon Head (Energy)Repeatable46Bamboo Hat Tao
Wood Demon Head (Experience)Repeatable46Bamboo Hat Tao
Wood Demon Head (Reputation)Reputation46Bamboo Hat Tao

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