Turn the Corner
Vital statistics
Giver Soul of Wizard Liyu
Type Primary
Requirements Use: Lustration Powder Lustration Powder
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 6150 Experience
3075 Energy
9 Silver 45 Coin
Previous: Get Secret Golden Drug

I used those Secret Golden Drugs and made the antidote which cured Elder Qiu finally! This drug is called Lustration Powder. Oh, please tell Qiu Zhixian, if she wanna learn skills, please feel free to join Wizard. I am sure she will do a great job!

Soul of Wizard Liyu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Give Lustration Pwder to Qiu Zhixian.

Acceptance DialogueEdit


Travel to Beauty Village and use the Lustration Powder on Elder Qiu.

Elder Qiu:

Good medicine! I feel better now!

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you for your praise...

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