Trapping Tool
Vital statistics
Giver Zhu Wen
Type Repeatable
Requirements Hard Branch Hard Branch *15
Peach Essential Oil Peach Essential Oil *15
Animal Loop Animal Loop *15
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 7380 Experience
1230 Energy

<Player name>, would you please do me a favor? I will surely give you rich rewards. Blacksmith has promied to me to make a batch of beast traps for me, but he's too busy with Combine and Identification every day. He's told me that making the trap only needs peach branch and parts of the Machine Monster, so I hope you can collect them for me.

Zhu Wen

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Zhu Wen to collect some materials for trapping tool.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Hurry up, we need a lot!

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you bring the item I need?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you so much! Now I am relieved with your help!

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