Transport Goods
Vital statistics
Giver Counterjumper (2)
Type Primary
Location Snow Village
Rewards 3525 Experience
1762 Energy
10 Silver 80 Coin
Previous: Test before Action
Next: Latent Crisis

I have some fruits to send back to the camp of the trade caravan, but I can't carry them all by myself. I wonder whether you could help me with them by the way. Then, you can also take a rest there.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the counterjumper to bring some fruits back to the Boss of Commercial Chamber.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Hehe, although it is troubled all over the world, there are still many warm-hearted people.

(Receive: Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit)


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Chamber of Commerce Boss:

Sorry to have bothered you, you can have dinner here as you like.

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