Toolbox of Hunter Qiu
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter Qiu
Type Primary
Requirements Tool Box Tool Box *15
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 7800 Experience
3900 Energy
12 Silver
Previous: Find Truth
Next: Sword of Immortal

I accidentally found a place on my way to Ease Cloud Cave. I've heard that Master Long Eyebrow has imbedded his sword at this place, so I was so happy and tried to find it. But some demons from Fir Woods kept attacking me and looted my Tool Box. Would you please help me?

Hunter Qiu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Kill those evils in woods and take the Tool Box of Hunter Qiu back.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thanks a lot!

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you found back your lost items?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I have no other choice. Thanks a lot!

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