Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
An Old Friend during ChildhoodPrimary18Little Tao Zhang
Ancient City Evil GhostScenarioGolden MacaqueRelease the Fairy Animals
Attacked by the Wild MulesPrimary12Coward AborigineThe Legend of the Numen
Battle in Rattan CaveScenarioGuild level 1Stone of Sword
BrothersPrimary17Little Tao ZhangQuirky Squad
Consigned by the PresbyterPrimary12Aborigine OfficerEvil Tao He (quest)
Evil Tao He (quest)Elite12Aborigine OfficerConsigned by the Presbyter
Kindling on Bramble HillPrimaryJunior Zhou YuncongSomething Fallow in the Bramble
Meet AgainRepeatable14Xiao San-erStrange Animal in Rattan Cave
Poison Flies in the BackwaterPrimary10Shang Fengzi
Quirky SquadPrimaryLittle Tao ZhangBrothersThe Evil Taoist's Guly Witchcraft
Rattan Cave AdventureEliteLady FeiThe Appointment in BelvedereConspiracy in the Mercy Temple
Release the Fairy AnimalsPrimary18Golden MacaqueAncient City Evil Ghost (quest)
Sagamore Black Ghost (quest)EliteAborigine Officer
Something Fallow in the BramblePrimaryJunior Zhou YuncongKindling on Bramble Hill
Strange Animal in Rattan CaveScenarioXiao San-er
The Evil Taoist's Guly WitchcraftScenarioLittle Tao ZhangQuirky Squad
The Headstream AboriginesScenario16Aborigine Officer
The Hunter on Tiger MountainRepeatable15Aborigine Hunter
The Legend of the NumenPrimary12Coward AborigineAttacked by the Wild Mules
The Outpost of the AboriginesPrimary10Shang Fengzi
The Riverhead in the ForestPrimary14Aborigine Woman
The Strongest WarriorPrimary11Aborigine Guard
The Tiger KingScenario15Aborigine Officer
Threaten from the Cold WeatherPrimary16Merchant
Warrior on Tiger MountainReputation13Aborigine Guard
Wild Mule King (quest)EliteAborigine Officer
Wolves in the CavePrimary13Blacksmith

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