Tide Cave


Entrance coordinates
(391, 1161)

Master You Tan has convoyed Fairy to Tide Cave to take advantage of the freezing environment to ease her injury. But the evil soul left in Fairy's body by Master Blood has not been eliminated totally, which has produced many abnormal monsters. The worse thing is that it even controlled Fairy's consciousness. When the moon goes full. The evil force will appear, and Master You Tan will get into Tide Cave to expel the evils. But he needs partners to help him, so are you a good helper?

Fairy Prentice



Monster Name Level
Little Water Eidolon 20
Little Straw Monster 20
Little Thunder Rattan 20
Water Eidolon Major
Straw Monster 21
Thunder Rattan 21
Grime Faerie 21
Grime Faerie Major 22

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