Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Ancient Jade NecklacePrimaryFoosonMake InvestigationHousehold Book
Apprentice RedcloudPrimarySir Black DragonHorrible IntrigueThe Truth
Blade Soul (quest)PrimarySir Black DragonGhost Touch Flower
Brothers' ReunionPrimaryOdd FragmentSoul SealLast Apology
Buddha Statue (quest)PrimaryStonemason DuanStone Pit (quest)
Clear the WildPrimaryQuiac
Collect BristlesScenarioTanci
Compress the EvilPrimaryMaster WooyinMutual ForceCounter-attack Thunder Ridge (1)
Counter-attack Thunder Ridge (1)PrimaryMaster WooyinCompress the Evil
Counter-attack Thunder Ridge (2)Primary38Sir Black DragonEnd of War
Dark Lunar Silk (quest)ScenarioSir Black Dragon
Defend Ghost SoldierPrimaryWind JizonGhost Touch Flower
Eliminate Dead InsectPrimaryShiqi
End of WarPrimary38Sir Black DragonCounter-attack Thunder Ridge (2)
Escape Murk WoodsScenarioCinbo
Find CinboScenarioTanci
Get Skeleton VertebraPrimaryWind JizonPurple Bamboo Grove Line (quest)
Ghost Touch Flower (quest)PrimarySir Black DragonDefend Ghost SoldierBlade Soul (quest)
Gold Teeth Patriarch (quest)ScenarioFooson
Gratitude or ResentmentElite37Wizard LiyuOld Memory
HearsayPrimary38Sir Black DragonPurple Bamboo Grove (quest)Iron Mask Buddha (quest)
Horrible IntriguePrimaryStonemason DuanSupernatural EventsApprentice Redcloud
Household BookPrimaryTanciAncient Jade NecklaceWizard Liyu's Brother
Invasion of Yae PioneerPrimaryTanciReport Situation
Iron Mask Buddha (quest)EliteSir Black DragonHearsay
Kill Blade SoulPrimaryYuhaStrange Tower
Kill Ruthless Old DevilScenario38Sir Black Dragon
Last ApologyPrimaryWizard LiyuBrothers' Reunion
Light PearlPrimaryMaster WooyinSecret about Stone
Lizard Poison Gland (quest)Primary37Sir Black DragonSeek AssistanceUrgent Treatment
Make InvestigationPrimaryFoosonAncient Jade Necklace
Mutual ForcePrimaryMaster WooyinCompress the Evil
Old MemoryPrimaryWizard LiyuWizard Liyu's BrotherGratitude or Resentment
Purple Bamboo Grove (quest)Primary38Sir Black DragonHearsay
Purple Bamboo Grove Line (quest)PrimaryTanciGet Skeleton Vertebra
Release SoulPrimaryMaster Wooyin
Report SituationPrimaryFoosonInvasion of Yae Pioneer
Research of Ossifying SkinPrimaryQuiacSingle Camp
Secret about StonePrimaryWind JizonLight Pearl
Secret about Yae PriestPrimaryQuiacYae Priest (quest)
Seek AssistancePrimary37Wind JizonLizard Poison Gland
Single CampPrimaryTanciResearch of Ossifying Skin
Soul Seal (quest)PrimaryOdd FragmentBrothers' Reunion
Stone Pit (quest)PrimaryShiqiBuddha Statue (quest)
Strange Black Water LakeScenarioShiqi
Strange TowerPrimarySocKill Blade Soul
Supernatural EventsPrimaryStonemason DuanHorrible Intrigue
Take RevengeScenario37Sir Black Dragon
The TruthPrimaryRedcloudApprentice Redcloud
Urgent TreatmentPrimarySir Black DragonLizard Poison Gland (quest)
White Bone Demon (quest)ScenarioWizard Liyu
Wizard Liyu's BrotherPrimaryTanciHousehold BookOld Memory
Yae Priest (quest)EliteQuiacSecret about Yae Priest
Yae Warrior (quest)ScenarioQuiac

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