Threaten from the Cold Weather
Threaten from the Cold Weather map
Vital statistics
Giver Merchant
Type Primary
Requirements Wild Mule Fur Wild Mule Fur *16
Level 16
Location Tiger Mountain
Rewards 4640 Experience
2320 Energy
14 Silver 40 Coin

Dear sir, there are few coats in Crow Forest. The weather becomes colder and colder. Lots of weak aborigines can't live through the winter if they can't have enough coats. For the tribe's benefit, I hope you can hunt some Wild Mules for me, and get the coats from them.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Aborigines Merchant to hunt some coat of Wild Mules for the villagers to live through the winter.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Hurry up! I'm waiting for you here!

Ask DialogueEdit

Why are you so slowly? Don't damage my business.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Ha, I make a pile this time... you are so easy to be cheated.

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