Thief in Green Bamboo Nunnery
Vital statistics
Giver Tao Novice
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Blackshirt Bandit *30
Plum Blossom Crossbow Plum Blossom Crossbow
Location Stone City
Rewards 5100 Experience
2550 Energy
15 Silver 30 Coin
Defensive armguard by class
Cherry Armguard Cherry Armguard
Blue Jade Armguard Blue Jade Armguard
Sky Thunder Armguard Sky Thunder Armguard
Night Hawk Armguard Night Hawk Armguard

Many thieves appeared around here. I think they are going to steal the cimella in the Nunnery. I can't fight with they by myself. <Player name>, please help me to beat these thieves and send the Cloud Crossbow to Zhou Chun.

Tao Novice

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Taoist boy to beat down the thieves in black who are going to burgle.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

They are hiding out of the Nunnery, please perish them.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Zhou Chun
Ha ha, it finally comes back to me.

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