The wandering Evil Ghost
Vital statistics
Giver Zhang Si
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Wild Wolf *30
Location Stone City
Rewards 5400 Experience
2700 Energy
16 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: Gather Materials
Next: Do Other a Favor

The wild wolves are everywhere. Childe Zhou got a severe wound. He might be hurt by the wolves if we send him out of here. How should we do? <Player name>, please help us to perish the wild wolves.

Zhang Si

Quest DescriptionEdit

Consigned by Zhang Si to perish to wild wolves around here.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The wolves are in the woods to Stone City. Please perish them completely.

Ask DialogueEdit

Childe Zhou can't stand by any more, please help us.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Are you sure that they are all perished? We will set out immediately. We don't want to delay a second.

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