The Wounded Apothecary
Vital statistics
Giver Jokul Doctor
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Bine Monster *30
Level 35
Location Snow Village
Rewards 7200 Experience
3600 Energy
21 Silver 60 Coin
Next: Look for the Pharmacopoeia

I'm the Apothecary in the Snow Village. I was collecting the herbs in the valley when the herbs walk like human beings unexpectedly and even attack me. Look, they hurtled me so seriously.

Jokul Doctor

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Apothecary in the Snow Village to give a lesson to the aberrance plants that have become evil.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thank you very much. I would have been back much earlier without their disturbance.

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you helped me to wipe out those disgusting plants?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you! I won't fear to be harassed by them any more.

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