The Way to the Immortal Pool
Vital statistics
Giver Ruo Lan
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Crocodile *32
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 7200 Experience
3600 Energy
22 Silver 8 Coin
Next: Fortune Pond (2)
Fire Rock Cave

There are a great number of crocodiles in the marsh in Forest Plain. As Immortal Crocodile's puppet, they have been hiding inside there and peering everything in the Red Flower Cave. Go to eliminate them and visit our Red Flower Grandma who is inside the Red Flower Cave.

Ruo Lan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Ruo Lan to wipe out the crocodiles that obstruct her visit to Red Flower Grandma.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

These crocodiles are no match for you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Red Flower Grandma Split Body:

I didn't wait here in vain. With your help, I think we will kill Fly Dragon Nun soon.

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