The Wafting Ghost Fire
Vital statistics
Giver Solitary Ghost
Type Primary
Requirements Charm Chip Charm Chip *15
Level 15
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 5040 Experience
2520 Energy
15 Silver 12 Coin
Next: Release the Souls from Purgatory

I and the Thousand Year Snake Demon used to be a happy couple. My wife was changed to a snake by the evil Taoist when I was out for business. The evil Taoist confused my wife with witchcraft and asked her to kill much innocence. Moreover, he immured me and makes me suffer from the torment in the form of a ghost. Please help me to collect the fragment of witchcraft to release me.

Solitary Ghost

Quest DescriptionEdit

Look for the Ghost Fire wandering in the Cacodaemon stockade, and collect the fragment in their bodies to release the immured ghosts.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

There are lots of monsters wandering around the cemetery. Good friend, please be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

What I want is just to get rid of the suffering and go back to the metempsychosis.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you. Many people want to have a long life, while I just need fade ordinary life for decades of years. But I can't even reach this small expectation.

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