The Undeserved Ghost
The Undeserved Ghost map
Vital statistics
Giver Celestial Tao
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Undeserved Ghost *15
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1575 Experience
788 Energy
4 Silver 95 Coin
Previous: The Bitter Elf
Next: Strange Wildfire

People who puzzled by the No-eyebrow Junta can't be set free after death, and they became undeserved ghosts which gather around the relic. They are full of deep resentment. They attack anything getting close to them. The best chance is to beat them down so that they can be set free.

Celestial Tao

Quest DescriptionEdit

Beat down those undeserved ghost so that their soul can be set free.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The undeserved ghosts are so pitiful. You should go to release their souls immediately.

Ask DialogueEdit

You have to defeat them so as to release their soul.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Those dead villagers are finally set free...

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