The Truant Apparition
The Truant Apparition map
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Apparition *8
Level 6
Location Sky Village
Rewards 990 Experience
495 Energy
2 Silver 97 Coin
Talismans by class
Nine Welkin Wheel Nine Welkin Wheel and Sky Centipede Pearl Sky Centipede Pearl
Purple Crystal Chain Simitar Purple Crystal Chain Simitar and Sky Iron Dagger Sky Iron Dagger
Previous: The Spread of the Pestilence

According to the villagers' research, the reason the animals became restless is the apparition on the western area of Black Campo. They waft like elf fire. We have no method to deal with them. <Player name>, go to perish them so that the animals can be comforted.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Set out to Black Campo to perish the Apparition over there.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Go east from the east suburb of Sky Village and you will arrive at the western area of Black Campo.

Ask DialogueEdit

The apparition are very different from the animals we usually hunt. We are so weak in front of such gutless things.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

As expected, the Apparitions are the reasons caused all the animals restless, the whole thing is so strange. We have to find out the truth.

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