The Trouble of Mushroom Village
Vital statistics
Giver Mushroom Villager
Type Reputation
Requirements Kill Mountain Demon *15
Kill Wild Rabbit *12
Kill Mobster *10
Location Stone City
Rewards 1216 Experience
203 Energy
380 Stone City Reputation

Who can help us...those fierce Mobsters drove us out of our village, and the croplands are also occupied by Mountain Demons and Wild Rabbits. Now we have no place to settle down. Kind man, can you help us to drive those monsters away?

Mushroom Villager

Quest DescriptionEdit

Accept the request from the villagers in Mushroom Village to help them to drive those bad ones who looted their cropland and village.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You should be careful since you go there individually.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! I think they must have a good lesson this time.

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