The Trace of Enemy in the Woods
Vital statistics
Giver Sun Nan
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Mace Fatso *30
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 5400 Experience
2700 Energy
16 Silver 20 Coin
Defensive boots based on class
Night Hawk Boots Night Hawk Boots
Cherry Boots Cherry Boots
Sky Thunder Boots Sky Thunder Boots

I have been spy on the evil monks in Mercy Temple for a long time. I found the monks in Mercy Temple often ambuscade in the woods near here and attack the passers-by, rob their gold. They usually use others' name in order to deceive the public. Last time, They used Muscle-man Wei's name. <Player name>, do you want to have a try to perish these evil monks?

Sun Nan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Sun Nan asks you to perish the evil monks in the woods.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The evil monks are in the woods. They usually run out to rob the passer-by. Be careful

Ask DialogueEdit

In the woods at northeast of here, there are many evil monks.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Although these evil monks are punished, but I don't think they will stop. <Player name>, please be careful.

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