The Tiger King
Vital statistics
Giver Aborigine Officer
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Tiger King
Level 15
Location Tiger Mountain Rattan Cave
Rewards 5600 Experience
2800 Energy
16 Silver 80 Coin
Redbud Kneepad

Did you meet a Coward in the village who talked about the wolf numen? The numen of mountain does exist but it's not a wolf but a tiger with spiritualism. It used to be the king of tigers on Tiger Mountain, but was controlled by the Evil Taoist. It is guarding the roads in Rattan Cave. You should be careful when you enter Rattan Cave. The Tiger Kin is still god. You shouldn't look down upon it.

Aborigine Officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish the Tiger King which guard the Evil Taoist.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The Tiger King is a numen. You shouldn't look down upon it.

Ask DialogueEdit

Are you ok? Just let them go id you can't defeat them. Just pretend nothing has happened


Accomplish DialogueEdit

At last the Tiger King died.

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