The Test of Tamer
Vital statistics
Giver White Parrot
Type Primary
Requirements Hunt Parrot
Location Darkness Valley
Rewards 2400 Experience
1200 Energy
7 Silver 20 Coin
Pet Bell Pet Bell
Pet Capture Bell Pet Capture Bell
Previous: The Checkerboard in the Forest
Next: Brighten Tamer

Keke...We live equally and peacefully with all the birds and beasts here. <Player name>, after you have become the formal disciple of Tamer, you can learn to fight together with them. But you must catch a partner for yourself. Now, take the Animal Bell and catch a parrot from the forest around.

White Parrot

Quest DescriptionEdit

The parrot taught you the skill to tame the beasts, you have to catch a parrot in the bird's area to him.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

These naughty parrots are just nearby, try to catch them.

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

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