The Test of Green Scarp
Vital statistics
Giver Iron Arms Lee
Type Primary
Requirements Duel Nanmu Guard *1
Level 5
Location Green Scarp
Rewards 3120 Experience
1560 Energy
Assist Talisman based on class
Ice Shield Ice Shield
Diamond Sutra Diamond Sutra
Treasure Leaf Treasure Leaf
Hasty Shoes Hasty Shoes
Pet Bell Pet Bell
Previous: The Secret of the Blood Eidolons
Next: Go Down of the Mountain

You need have a test from Nanmu as a successful conclusion of the training here. <Player name>, you must have heard the legend of Old Nanmu. There are several Nanmu Guard beside him (356,1198), go to fight with them.

Iron Arms Lee

Quest DescriptionEdit

To beat the Nanmu Guard.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Nanmu Guards are powerful. Be careful!

Ask DialogueEdit

The guards are just beside the Old Nanmu. It's impossible that you can't find them.


Nanmu Guard:

If you want to go down of the mountain, you should have enough power. Let me see how strong you are:
Are you ready?
Oh, you are good enough to beat those normal monsters. You can go now.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Congratulations <Player name>! From now on, you are a true fighter.

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