The Test of Fairy
Vital statistics
Giver Nun Su Yin
Type Elite
Requirements Duel Flower Sprite
Location Flowers Mountain
Rewards 2400 Experience
1200 Energy
7 Silver 20 Coin
Treasure Leaf Treasure Leaf
Previous: Fairy Prentice (quest)
Next: Go Down of the Mountain (2)

<Player name>, I have heard from Nun Ding Hui about your braveness in Flowers Mountain. Other sisters like Zhu Wen appreciate you a lot. But to see is to believe, If you can beat the Flower Sprite in teh Tide Cave, you have my approval. Do you want to accept the challenge?

Nun Su Yin

Quest DescriptionEdit

Take Nun Su Ying's order to beat the Flower Sprite in the Tide Cave.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Hehe... Heroes come from adolescents. That true! I will wait for your good news.


Flower Sprite:

Show me your strength.

After defeating

Flower Sprite:

Oh, you are good enough to beat those normal monsters. You can go now.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

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