The Strongest Warrior
The Strongest Warrior map
Vital statistics
Giver Aborigine Guard
Type Primary
Requirements Warrior's Feather Warrior's Feather *14
Level 11
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 3360 Experience
1680 Energy
10 Silver 8 Coin

Our tribe upholds people's power. Only strong person can be certificated and respected. If you can fetch some feathers from those doughty aborigines, we will admit that you are a real warrior.

Aborigine Guard

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to fetch some feathers from the doughty aborigines to prove that you are strongest.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Hehe... go to prove your strength.

Ask DialogueEdit

Why do you come to me? Do you want to tell me that you will give it up?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Ha ha! You have past our test. You are a real warrior. You deserved our respect.

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