The Spread of the Pestilence
The Spread of the Pestilence map
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Little Black Leopard *8
Level 5
Location Sky Village
Rewards 935 Experience
468 Energy
2 Silver 97 Coin
Next: The Truant Apparition

<Player name>, the villagers organized some youth to straighten out the animals which are still near the village. They are now dealing with the little black leopard at the southeast of the village. Welcome you to join them if you have time.


Quest DescriptionEdit

The hunters in Sky Village consign you to straighten out the little black leopard at southeast of the village.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

These little black leopard usually act at the Black Camp. But they suddenly came to the village this time. We can't understand.

Ask DialogueEdit

Go out the village's east door, go south at east suburb of the village, then you can see the little black leopard.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The villagers' security relies on our to maintain it together. <Player name>, please take this as your reward.

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