The Speedy Flying Snakes
The Speedy Flying Snakes map
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Flying Snake *12
Level 7
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1500 Experience
750 Energy
4 Silver 50 Coin

<Player name>, we find very huge flying snakes on the campo. Their striking distance is like our arrow, which makes us get into a very hard fighting. Please go to help perish these snakes.


Quest DescriptionEdit

The battle with the Evil Ghost is going on. But the flying snakes block the development of the battle.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Watch their long-distance attack. Go close to them when they are off guard. Then you can defeat them.

Ask DialogueEdit

The Black Campo is at the east of the village. Go ahead.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Oh? The flying snakes are like this? I never seen such a big weirdie before. What caused them to come here?

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