The Shortage of Resources
Vital statistics
Giver Blacksmith
Type Repeatable
Requirements Ironstone Ironstone *20
Level 36
Location Snow Village
Rewards 9800 Experience
4900 Energy
30 Silver

The consumption of iron ore is very great recently. Would you like to collect some for me? But something weird happened these days, the stones on the mountain can form a human-like shape and walk on the snowland. You have to be careful, because they will attack people. Since a group of odd-worn monks arrived here some time before, there have been more and more strange things.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the blacksmith to collect some iron ore on the Riprap Hillock.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I'm going to work, you come to me as soon as you collect enough iron ore.

Ask DialogueEdit

I told you to collect enough iron ore before you come to me, remember?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You come back timely, I just used up those I have.

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