The Secret of the Blood Eidolons
Vital statistics
Giver Buddhist Novice Ming
Type Primary
Level 4
Location Green Scarp
Previous: Kill the Big Blood Eidolon
Next: The Test of Green Scarp

<Player name>, although the blood eidolons in the secret cave have been suppressed by you temporarily, these unusual situations maybe will happen without expectation at any time. In order to do some previous prevention, please go to tell Iron Arms Lee the info about the blood eidolons. He is one senior master here and he must know how to deal with them. He is beside the tree on the south of the square.

Buddhist Novice Ming

Quest DescriptionEdit

Report to Iron Arms Lee about the problem of blood eidolons.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

This job is very important, don't be delayed!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Iron Arms Lee:

(Hearing the problem of blood eidolons, Iron Arms Lee sighed slightly.) "It seems that the disaster which comes every thousand years is approaching. Since the blood eidolons were bond, they will not affect the Green Scarp. However, maybe other evil powers will be active somewhere."

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