The Roving Bandits
Vital statistics
Giver Blacksmith
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Roving Bandit *14
Level 6
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1530 Experience
765 Energy
4 Silver 59 Coin
Next: Exterminate the Bandits

<Player name>, if you want to set out to the south, you should pay more attention, because many bandits appeared at south of the village and robbed the passerby. Our village met disasters again and again, which made us have no other person to drive away the roving bandits. Please help us if you can.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the villagers to drive away the roving bandits in the south suburb of the village so that the road to the south can be dredged.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You can see the bandits when go outside the southern door. There are lot of them. Please be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

How is the bandits' condition?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

What happened to the world? First, the animals became restless, and then so many roving bandits appeared... no matter how, I should thank you on behalf of the villagers.

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