The Riverhead in the Forest
The Riverhead in the Forest map
Vital statistics
Giver Aborigine Woman
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Jungle Crocodile *30
Level 14
Location Tiger Mountain
Rewards 4200 Experience
2100 Energy
12 Silver 60 Coin

Our water is too feculent. The villagers often get some strange illness after drinking the feculent water in teh well. This is caused by the crocodiles which occupied our clean waterhead. Can you help us to drive away those crocodiles so that we can have clean water again?

Aborigine Woman

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the aborigines to perish teh crocodiles which polluted their waterhead.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The crocodiles are very atrocious. A few days ago, some villagers wanted to drive them away but were finally eaten by them. You should be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

Are the crocodiles hard to deal with as I told you?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! I can have clean water again.

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