The Reply from White Parrot
Vital statistics
Giver White Parrot
Type Primary
Location Darkness Valley
Rewards 375 Experience
188 Energy
1 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: Wipe Out the Sprite
Next: The Checkerboard in the Forest

Keke... <Player name>, as a member of Tamer, you must get to know the origin of these sprites. It has been a long time, (the white parrot thought for a long time with his head tilting to one side) En... Actualy, I can't remember the whole thing clearly. Well, you can go to ask the tiger head man who also took part in the fight wit6h the scattered immortals. Ask him for the detailed explanation. And please told him that the sprites would not howl any more in the midnight.

White Parrot

Quest DescriptionEdit

The white parrot hope that you can tell the tiger headed man the result of the hole cleaning and know about the origin of the sprites.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Keke... The tiger head man is on the square. He has a strange appearance, you can find him easily.

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Tiger Head Man:

White Parrot let you ask me about the battle with the scattered immortals? I've thought that he was old enough to forget everything. The sprites in the hole at back mountain were bound by the senior master after he had beaten the scattered immortals of Wutai and Miaojiang. At that time, the two evil immortals gave a sudden attack to the Darkness Valley when the senior master was practicing. Fortunately, White Parrot saw them on the forest and warned senior master about his. So they failed. However, the senior master combined himself with stone because of this battle. Luckily, he learned theurgy that can separate the soul from the body. Thus, he was not bound in the stone. Since then, there are feud between us and the evil immortals. In your later practicing terms, if you meet those scattered evil ghosts, don't let them off easily.

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