The Punishment on the Bandits
Vital statistics
Giver Blacksmith
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Brigand *7
Kill Bandit Soldier *8
Level 7
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1800 Experience
900 Energy
5 Silver 40 Coin
Previous: Exterminate the Bandits
Next: Brigand Head Wanted

All the people live nearby come to my shop for farming equipment, but some bandits have settled in southern wasteland, and robbed all the material. In order to avoid delaying the farming, please help us to beat those bandits.


Quest DescriptionEdit

<Player name>, the southern wasteland is the place where the bandits' camps is. The blacksmith from Sky Village ask you to punish those bandits.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

<Player name>, now I am relying on you to punish the bandits.

Ask DialogueEdit

The bandits are in the southern wasteland, who usually appear together. You should be more careful.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You have finished the quest? <Player name>, I really made a right decision. Those bandits will soon lost their lives if every person are as brave as you.

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