The Prayer Beads
Vital statistics
Giver Follower of Master Can
Type Primary
Requirements Buddha Bead Chip Buddha Bead Chip *15
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 4320 Epxerience
2180 Energy
12 Silver 96 Coin
Defensive armguard by class
Redbud Armguard Redbud Armguard
Previous: Flying Centipede (quest)
Next: Immortal Centipede (quest)

<Player Name>, the prayer beads which is use for suppress the Immortal Centipede was stolen by the Fatal Centipede because of my neglect. So, the Immortal Centipede ran away, and was regarded as their king by the centipedes on Centipede Mountain. If we want to suppress the Immortal Centipede again, we have to find the Fatal Centipedes and get back the prayer beads.

Follower of Master Can

Quest DescriptionEdit

Beat down the Fatal Centipedes, and help the Prentice of Master Can to collect the fragments of the prayer beads which is blessed by Buddha.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those Fatal centipedes don't know how to use the prayer beads, and they won't cherish it either. Even if they have broken the beads, you should get back the fragments.

Ask DialogueEdit

Hurry up, help me get back the Prayer Beads.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The Fatal Centipede broke the beads! I will be punished by the master even if I can piece them together. I have to ask you to help me. But the task you will take later need you to spend more energy. So, please go to near place to have a practice.

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