The Power of Wolf King
Vital statistics
Giver Villager
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Elite Wolf King *1
Kill Guard of Wolf King *4
Level 4
Location Sky Village
Rewards 850 Experience
425 Energy
2 Silver 70 Coin
Defensive boots based on class:
Green Elf Boots Green Elf Boots
Blue Field Boots Blue Field Boots
Grey Cloth Boots Grey Cloth Boots
Rosebush Boots Rosebush Boots
Hill Finch Boots Hill Finch Boots
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<Player name>, a villager was attacked by some wolves on his way home lately. According to his description, there was a wolf which had very huge body and was followed by other wolves. I guess it must be the reason why the wolves gather around the village. Other wolves might be scared away it is killed. Will you take this challenge?


Quest DescriptionEdit

In order to solute danger made by the wolves, please go to the northeast of Sky Village to beat down the Wolf King.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Wolf King is followed by many adult wolves. You'd better find some persons to go with you.

Ask DialogueEdit

Please be careful because these wolves are not easy to deal with.


Go to the northeastern part of Sky Village and the quest mobs will be there. The guards are just like a normal enemy and won't give you much trouble. The Elite King Wolf however could kill you if you're not careful, be prepared to run if your health gets too low.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

<Player name>, I couldn't believe that you can defeat so huge a Wolf King. Other wolves might be more peaceful one Wolf King is killed. I should say "thanks" to you standing for the villagers.

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