The Power of Blue Magic
Vital statistics
Giver Immortal Lee
Type Primary
Requirements Primary Vitality Magicstone Primary Vitality Magicstone *8
Sapphire Sapphire
Rainbow Stone Rainbow Stone
Magic Star Wand Magic Star Wand
Level 25
Location Stone City
Rewards Blue Magic Bead Blue Magic Bead

I have a private treasure with the power of Blue Magic which is not shown outside. But if you can give me the items and money I need, I will send it, the Blue Magic Bead, to you.

Immortal Lee

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Immortal Lee and then get a Blue Magic Bead from him.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

It all depends on you.

Ask DialogueEdit

These things are not difficult to find, you just need some patience to do it. You can also ask other fellows about this.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

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